This is my journey up to now

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I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada in a very middle-class white family. After university, I signed on to an executive training program at a national department store chain. This gave me an opportunity to work in a range of retail executive positions. Great experience – low glass ceiling. Left in my tenth year.

After four months of travelling in Europe on my own, I looked around for what to do next. Since there were no jobs available that were really appealing, I started my own retail research business – my first move into entrepreneurship. Loved it. One of my best clients, a well known retail strategist, became my partner both in business and in life. Together with other partners we built a formidable global retail consulting business over the course of 25+ years. We sold the business in 2019 and my husband died just four months after we closed the sale. Picking up the pieces of life after loss and dealing with lock downs from the COVID19 pandemic has inspired my third act. A chance to share, be inspired and live life full out – this is my LIFE SHIIFT

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