Reclaiming Your Wild Heart at 60 And Beyond



Have you felt it? That inner whisper of a longing for something that you can’t quite put your finger on?

For some, it’s a fleeting sense of wanting to cast off all of the “rules” and run wild, following the call of their heart and soul. For others, it’s a subtle feeling of yearning for something more… something intangible, and yet it feels as if you are being called to return “home.”

It’s difficult to describe in words because it’s a deep and ancient feeling that is expressed differently for each of us. Maybe you’ve had glimmers of a wilder, freer you. A you that doesn’t want to be reined in, told what to do or how to be. A you that, no matter what age you are, feels eternal, magical and deeply connected to nature, wild ways, ancient knowing, star-studded skies and the sheer beauty of being alive.

This is the call of the wild heart. The part of us that is free, untamable and desires to live life in our way, in our time, doing what we love and refusing to play small or fit into the confines of those who have yet to meet their own wild hearts.

As children, we are masters at listening to the call of our wild hearts. We dance, jump, play, laugh, cry, demand what we want and are excited by the smallest thing. Every day is an adventure. Every moment brings something new to wonder at. However, usually by the age of seven or eight, we are starting to take on our parents’ beliefs, attitudes and ways of being in the world.

We begin to learn that our wild heart and wild ways may not be acceptable to everyone, and we begin to hold these parts of ourselves back. And whilst this is a part of the process of growing up and learning to navigate the structures of the society we live in; we sometimes forget that these  free and wild ways  need expression as adults.

5 Beautiful Ways to Reclaim Your Wild Heart

#1.   Trust and follow Your Intuition – Your Inner Compass

Listening to your wild heart means becoming conscious of what is calling to you from within.  As a body confidence & life coach,  I help women to uncover those “lost” stories, dreams or pastimes and allow them to be a part of what fulfils them now and in the future. So often we know on a gut feeling what is right for us; however, we often don’t follow our inner “knowing” because we talk ourselves out of it. We tell ourselves that we are too old, too fat, too thin, not qualified enough or that what we desire is simply unrealistic. The truth is that we create our own experience of reality. No two dreams are the same, and even when someone else might say that what you dream of is impossible, you have the right to dream it nevertheless.

Those glimmers of magic and wildness that you hold inside of you are there for a reason. Some of the most important and  life enhancing creations  were created by someone who had a dream and allowed it to be born.

#2. Take Inspired Action

Inspired action is simply what you feel called or compelled to do as a result of what your inner compass or intuition is telling you. Inspired action can feel exciting, liberating, a bit scary, fun and deeply loving.

Inspired action is never about what you “should” do. It is always about what you “could” do and what you feel inspired to do.

Taking any action that invites us out of our comfort zone of old stories and bygone patterns or habits can often feel as if we are taking a risk. However, the only risk exists in not following your dreams or creative ideas.

When you take inspired action there is a lightness of being that can often accompany this. You begin to know that you can write that book in your 90s, start a business in your 60s, take up a new hobby in your 70s or travel the world in your 80s.

Age is irrelevant as you begin to soar on the possibility of your dreams and what it is that truly lights you up and makes you feel alive. The wild heart won’t take substitutes as it always calls you to keep becoming MORE of your best and boldest self.

#3. Spend Time in Self-Reverie

Reverie literally means being lost in a state of your own most joyful and pleasant dreams. It invites you to daydream, to enter a dreamy state of being and to muse over your thoughts, ideas and innermost landscapes. Surround yourself in things that will promote this beautiful and rather magical inner state of being.

For example, you may want to create a vision book of all of the things that light you up. This includes pictures, photos, scraps of material and inspiring quotes. The key is that whenever you look at your vision book, you enter a different world. A world full of what you love the most.

My vision book contains photos of dreamy days, roses tumbling over old stone walls, blue skies, birds flying high, my beloved fur companions, dresses that make me feel simply glorious, pictures of sun kissed places, endless beaches, misty mountain tops, crystals, sumptuous interiors and wild woman quotes that bathe my soul in acres of possibility.

Whenever I turn the pages of my vision book, I am immediately reconnected to my inner world of dreams and creativity.

#4. Set Loving Boundaries

With maturity comes the ability to know more of what you truly desire, what lights you up, what (or who) drains your energy and what it is that you desire to create more of in your life.

Reclaiming your wild heart means being accountable to your dreams and to set in place loving boundaries that help you move closer to those inner visions. This means communicating in loving, compassionate and respectful ways to those you love, friends, or family. It means saying a loving “No thank you” when what someone else wants is not what you desire. It means letting those you love know when you will be available and when you won’t.

As children, we have no containment for our wildness. It simply spills out of us in many directions, some of which may be beneficial for us and some which may not. However, as adults, we can make space for our wild to be expressed in ways that feel authentic, safe and loving for us.

For example, I love to write and become lost in daydreams and ideas that sweep me up with excitement and enthusiasm. I need time to myself, to allow these ideas to be generated and engaged with. This means that I need to carve out space in my week which is only and entirely for me.

I say no to the activities that take me away from this and honour this creative dreaming space as a priority in my life. What does your wild heart need? Where do you feel most alive? What is it to follow the call of your inner wild?

#5. Keep Your Wild Heart Dreams Sacred

Your wild heart is precious. It is the container of your innermost dreams, passions, longings, hopes, ideas and wishes. Keep it sacred and share it only with the people that you love, trust and that you know won’t shoot down your ideas, visions or dreams.

How often have you told someone excitedly about an idea or dream you have only to be met with a less than enthusiastic response? You may have been told that your dreams are unrealistic or that what you desire simply isn’t practical. These kinds of comments simply tell you more about the person who has said them. It has nothing to do with you or your wild heart.

As you reclaim your wild heart, make sure that you don’t give it away to everyone you meet. Be selective with whom you tell your secrets and share your wildness. Keep your energy close and allow it to saturate every cell in your body.

Let your wild heart call to you every day. Spend time journaling,  dress in clothes  that echo your wild spirit. Focus on feeling good. Indulge in your daydreams and savour every moment of your beautiful life. Join me on  Instagram  where I share how to  romance your body , love your life and follow the call of your wild heart.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

What does your wild heart long for? Perhaps it’s just to be fully you? Perhaps it’s to feel free of any constraints that you have lived with for too long? Maybe you just long to rekindle those dreams you had when you were younger?

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Astrid Longhurst is a Body Confidence Expert/Author and Age Empowerment Coach.

Astrid is also the Founder and CEO of the Institute for Body Confidence Coaching (A transformational Body Confidence & wellbeing Coaching training programme). She is the Author of two highly acclaimed books, “Body Confidence” (Published by Penguin) and “Romancing your body.” (How to fall deeply, passionately & wildly in love with your body and your life!)

Astrid is an expert on positive body Image/confidence, mindful movement, energy psychology and inspirational exercise for 50 plus women.

Her vision is to change the way we see and relate to our bodies, enabling us to live empowered, dynamic, happy, healthy and fulfilled lives at every stage of our life.

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