Taming Your Inner Critic and Unleashing Your Inner Mentor

Taming Your Inner Critic and Unleashing Your Inner Mentor


How could I be so stupid? Ever caught yourself uttering those words?

If you have, you’ve encountered the infamous inner critic—the voice that’s often louder than a rock concert and more critical than a Yelp review. But fear not, for within you lies an antidote: the inner mentor, your personal cheerleader disguised as sage advice. Let’s navigate the battleground of self-talk together and uncover the champions within.Embracing Solitude Image

The Inner Critic: Friend or Foe?

Tara Mohr, in her enlightening book Playing Big, shines a spotlight on the inner critic. Picture it as that backseat driver who’s overly eager to point out every wrong turn. It might sound like your parent, your old boss, or even a disgruntled teacher from yesteryears. While its intentions may be noble—to keep you safe—it often drowns out your accomplishments with a cacophony of doubts and negativity. “You can’t do that, you’re too old!” it bellows, like a broken record stuck on a gloomy track.

But fear not! Mohr offers a playbook to tackle this relentless critic:

  • Identification: First, acknowledge that you have an inner critic. It’s that pesky voice raining on your parade.
  • Interrogation: Challenge its claims. Is it really true that you’re incapable, or is it just fear dressed in pessimism?
  • Personification: Give your inner critic a face. Is it a grumpy old codger or a strict schoolmarm? By visualizing it, you strip it of its power.
  • Acknowledgment, Not Ignorance: Don’t try to silence it; instead, recognize its presence without buying into its narrative.

Remember, having doubts is as common as misplacing your keys. But here’s the secret: your inner critic isn’t you. By calling it out, you take the first step toward reclaiming your narrative and silencing the naysayer within.

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Unveiling Your Inner Mentor: The Silent Heroine

Enter the inner mentor—the unsung heroine of your psyche. This voice is the yin to your inner critic’s yang, radiating wisdom and encouragement like a beacon in the storm. It’s your intuition, your guiding light, your personal Yoda. Unlike the inner critic, this mentor speaks softly, with the wisdom of ages and the gentleness of a spring breeze.

But how do you summon this elusive mentor?

  • Visualization: Take a moment to envision your future self—the version of you who’s conquered mountains and danced in the rain. Then, ask for advice. What would they say to you now?
  • Seeking Silence: In the cacophony of daily life, carve out moments of quiet reflection. It’s in these whispers of silence that your inner mentor thrives.
  • Aha Moments: Have you every had inspiration in an unexpected place like the shower? Make sure you capture and remember these creative ideas.

As you nurture your relationship with your inner mentor, you’ll find the volume on your inner critic dialing down. With each word of encouragement, each nugget of wisdom, you’ll inch closer to your boldest dreams.

In Conclusion

As you navigate the labyrinth of self-doubt and discovery, remember this: you hold the power to silence your inner critic and amplify your inner mentor. Embrace the journey, lean into the discomfort, and listen closely. For within you lies a symphony of voices—some loud, some soft—but all guiding you toward greatness. So, go forth, be courageous, and let the adventure begin!

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